Biking Through Vietnam

March 19, 2012


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In February 2012, Kim and Kay Miller from Newcastle, NSW, Australia, went motorbike touring through Vietnam. This was the photo in the magazine that got Kim interested in the first place.

The bridge appears later in the story showing Kim in high concentration mode.

Kim has been riding motorbikes for most of his life, but Kay had only been pillion on his bike for a couple of months before the trip. We both had a blast, and Kay enjoyed the experience immensely as her intro to motorbike touring. Many of the photos here were taken by Kay from the back of the bike.

The tour was arranged by a local motorbike magazine called Cycle Torque. The editor and staff photographer were on the trip, along with about twenty others. The tour was done through Vietnam Motorbike Tours. They are a great crew to do business with. Chase them up at

This blog has grown from posts Kim made to a motorbike internet forum. Kim rides a Kawasaki, and the forum in The Australian Kawasaki Riders Forum –

Kim’s forum name is Doctor Shifty – and there is occasional reference to the name in this blog.

Golden Stig is a motorcycle trophy who has become a character in his own right on the forum, and he appears here as part of the biker family.

Oh yeah, because blogs always give newest posts at the top, I had to doctor the dates here to make the blog give Day 1 at the top and Day 12 at the bottom. To go to the next day, hit “Older Posts” at the bottom left, or use the index at the top right.

And that’s enough intro, let’s get to the story.


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